St Mary



Methodist Chapel





Sunday School Anniversary, 1956

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Alf Licquourish Rev Fred Sturman Pam Bull Ann Mayes Sid White Jill Cooper Sheila Boughton Ann Binley Pearl Jackson Jean Binley Roger Buckby Cyril Licquorish Paul Beadsworth David Claypole Glenys Crane Pat Brown Karel Henderson Angela Claypole Jennifer Claypole Roger Acaster Michael Cooper Richard Loakes David Brownlie Barry Tilley Brian Tilley Brian Smith Roger Cooper ? Terry Boughton Colin Crane John Jackson Peter Buckby Christine Bell Lesley Henderson Lynette Licquorish Ann Jackson Rosie Loakes Eileen Jackson ? ?

Back row (l to r): Cyril Licquorish, Alf Licquorish, Rev Fred Stedman, Pam Bull, Ann Mayes, Sid White, Jill Cooper, Sheila Boughton

Third row ((l to r): Ann Binley, Pearl Jackson, Jean Binley, Roger Buckby, Paul Beadsworth, David Claypole, Glenys Crane, Pat Brown, Karel Henderson, Angela Claypole, Jennifer Claypole

Second row (l to r): Roger Acaster, Michael Cooper, Richard Loakes, David Brownlie, Barry Tilley, Brian Tilley, Brian Smith Roger Cooper, ?, Terry Boughton

Front row (l to r): Colin Crane, John Jackson, Peter Buckby, Christine Bell, Lesley Henderson, Lynette Licqourish, Ann Jackson, Rosie Loakes, Eileen Jackson, Judy Acaster?, ?


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