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Dear Jane,


I have been very interested in browsing your site and I wonder whether we have any information that we may be able to exchange.


I have been carrying out some investigations into our family tree and have put together a web site (along with a number of recently discovered cousins from as far afield as London, Utah, Canada and New Zealand!!) I believe that I am a direct descendent of John Claypole (mentioned in your census of 1841) - and our database now has a complement of over 1000 names.


I would be most interested to add a link from our site to yours in the appropriate place. The web site is at:  The gentleman our front page banner was (I think) John Claypole's grandson! His father - John Craxford - married a Sarah Ann Claypole, daughter of John Claypole in 1871 - although their marriage certificate describes him as a blacksmith. I did note that in your listing of retired folk in the 1901 census that you have John Claypole listed as a retired blacksmith aged 83 living in Blind Lane. This would correspond with the marriage certificate.


Would there be two John Claypoles be living in a village as small as Cottingham at the time? I don't know - but there were two or three Craxford families in Gretton as well as Middleton.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Kind regards


Alan Craxford

25 May, 2005



Hi Alan,

Thanks for this information – fascinating stuff!

Looks like your John Claypole must be the one that ran the Three Horseshoes (judging by age and wife’s name, Ann). There were quite a few John Claypoles in the village though (three or four at any one time).

I have sent you extracts from the 1841, 1881 and 1901 Censuses with your family info on them. In the 1841 Census John Craxford is actually listed as John Cranford, although this could be an error in transcription rather than an original error on the Census.

I've added a link to your website on the families page of this site.

Kind regards,


25 May, 2005


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