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Hi Jane,


My granddad is Bernard Beadsworth and I have just been looking at the Cottingham website and was thrilled to find a picture of my grandad as child in Water Lane. He is currently in hospital at the moment and I was trying to find photos and things that I could take him, to remind him of the 'old days' and also so that he could reminisce and tell us his many tales of growing up in Cottingham, I didn't dream I would find one of him so thank you so much for that. I'm sure Grandad will be thrilled also.


Many thanks once again.


Amber Smithen

8 March 2005

Click on picture for larger version with names

Note from


I met Bernard last year when he came up to Cottingham for his sister Hilda's 85th birthday, then aged 90. He told me some fascinating stories about life in the village all those years ago. Unfortunately, Bernard passed away earlier this year.


The photograph opposite shows the Beadsworth family with Bernard (front right), his sister Hilda (front centre) and brother Albert, aged 81 (front left). Taken at the Hunting Lodge in January 2004.


Jane, July 2005


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