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Dear Jane,


I would just like to say how lovely it was to see your website. My Grandparents, John England (better known as Harry) and Winifred England (nee Tilley), used to live at 43 Berryfield Road and my dad Peter England was born in Cottingham. It brought back many very happy memories looking at your website. I spent most of my weekends and holidays staying at 43 Berryfield Road with my Grandparents and I miss it very much as they sadly died some time ago and I am now living in Hampshire so I have not been back for many years. I hope to find out who is living in their old house so that maybe I could go back and visit. Cottingham is a lovely village that has a special place in my heart as the best years of my life were spent there.


Averley Adams


27 January 2004


Do you live at 43 Berryfield Road, or know who does? If so, drop me a line at and we'll see if we can arrange for Avery to come and visit!


Jane Smith

28 January, 2004


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