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Dear Jane,

I've just found your website on Cottingham. It's very informative and professionally presented. I'm researching my family line which has taken me back to Cottingham and it was great to find all this information about the village.

The earliest record of Perkins I have found, is a marriage of Robert Perkins to Katherine in 26 Nov 1590. They appear to have had 5 children christened in the parish. I am a descendent of Sampson Perkins, christened in the parish on 26 Jun 1777. Sampson was the son of James and Mary who had 8 other children christened in the parish. I donít have any other information on James and Mary.

Source of this information was the transcripts of the parish records for Cottingham at Northampton Record Office where there are records of over 180 christenings, marriages and deaths between 1590 and 1916. I am in the process of trying to extract family trees from this information. I'd be interested in contacting anyone who may have already done this.


Sampson was a mason who moved to Easton on the Hill. The earliest mason I can find in Cottingham was Richard Perkins buried in 1705. It would be interesting to find out if the trade was passed from father to son from that time or before but I have not found a link yet.


Bernard Perkins

Leamington Spa

25 June 2003


Does anyone have any information on the Perkins' family that would help Bernard? If so, drop me an e-mail and I will pass it on.

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