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Hi Jane

Congratulations on your Cottingham site, which I have only just accessed. I was born in Cottingham in 1949, left in 1968 but have a longstanding interest in local and family history. 

I have a lot of information on my Cottingham ancestors dating back to the 17th century. Family names include Bamford, Foster, Cox and Vickers / Viccars. In the course of my research I have collected several documents including wills which I'll be happy to photocopy for you, should you want to see them. I also have a few early photographs, including one of the village band - my grandad Horace Bailey features on the trombone - coming down past the Red Lion. I also have some slides / photos of Cottingham I took myself in the 60s if you want anything that recent.

Like other of your correspondents, I too have happy memories of Mr Kisby, who gave me a a copy of Cicero's letters dating from 1588 - my most prized possession - and assured me I'd never be rich if I liked buying books. How true. On your photo of the Home Guard he is described as Alistair, but I feel sure his name was Alston. One of the tasks we had at school was to produce an exercise book on the history of Cottingham, in my case a labour of love, but sadly I no longer have mine.

You may also be interested in a booklet produced for the Methodist Church in the 50s / 60s which contains a history of the Church and its early members. I have a copy myself, but it's possible someone in the village may still have a spare one. 

Thanks for your work on the website, I hope I can contribute to it. At various times I've contemplated doing a village website myself but have never found the time, what with jobs, kids, ailing relatives and other interests.  

Looking forward to hearing from you

Chris Blenkarn (nee Bell)

22 August 2004


Hello Chris,


Thanks very much for the information on Mr Kisby. He really does sound like the World's greatest teacher!

I have amended his first name.


All the best, and look forward to receiving your photos.








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