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Hi Jane,


I have just been looking at your excellent site and thoroughly enjoyed it. Under Bakeries there is mention of the Rayson family of Corby Road, in your text you mention that Elizabeth Rayson, widow of Henry was running the shop with her nephew Henry Rayson. I believe this Elizabeth is actually the daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Rayson and in 1881 she is shown as unmarried age 60 and Henry (Nephew) age 22 resident in Corby Road In the 1861 census Elizabeth (mother) is shown as a widow and retired and the business being run by daughter Rebecca, unmarried age 42 and Elizabeth also unmarried age 37. The young Henry is aged 2 and shown as grandson of Elizabeth Snr. I believe that Elizabeth Snr was buried 22 November 1864 at St Mary Magdalene, Cottingham cum Middleton, Northampton, England and daughter Rebecca was buried 13 January 1879 in the same church.


I hope this is of use


Best wishes,


Chris Rayson

5 October, 2005


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