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Hello Jane

I was the last person to have the surname Cannam from Cottingham.

My father was Stanley Cannam and mother was Florence Sitch (they met in Eastleigh in Hampshire). I was adopted by them and when I married in 1963 the name died out.

I know my cousins Tom Chisholm and Janet Cannam have been in touch with you as they informed me by Email.

My father was forced to leave school at 12 (1920) to work on his father's farm in Church Street.He often told me tales of walking to Market Harborough with cattle for the market and milking cows in the fields (where Cottingham school is today) and carrying the milk back to Church Street in pails on a yoke. He ran away from home at 16yrs and became a gardener at Rockingham Castle. This became his trade and he worked as far away as Castle Coombe in Wiltshire, Hampshire, London and Thoresby Grange in Northamptonshire.


During the Second World War he was a fireman in London and when it ended he moved to Barrack Yard in Cottingham with his wife. I remember living there in 1947 to 1949, and can still recall the layout of the house!

We moved to Corby in July 1949.

The information you gave to Nicola about the Cannam family was rather incorrect as Cannam House wasn't named such until about 30 years ago.

Hundreds of years ago the Cannam family was well to do but lost the money over the years and my grandfather was reduced to renting fields for his cattle. He had the field behind the churchyard and the Dale, behind the allotments up the Shire and (when I was really little) he rented East Carlton Park for grazing. My father was born in Church Street in 1908 and was the third son of the family.

The Woolpack in Middleton was run by a Harry Cannam who was there when my father was growing up. When I was about 3yrs (approx 1948) I remember going in to visit people in the pub with my parents but it must have closed just after then as it is the only time I remember the building as a pub.

There were papers from the Cannam family on display in Delapre Abbey in Northampton during 1955 when I saw them on a trip from school. Mainly they were farming records .

Daphne Joiner (nee Cannam)

12 September 2004

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