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My name is David Parker and I live in Newcastle under Lyme. I AM SO EXCITED BY YOUR WEBSITE!!!


Many years ago around 1980's I started to trace my family tree, thinking that my family would live around the local area. When I got to my Great Grandad, John Thomas Parker (who died of 'flu in 1900) I found that the family originated in Cottingham.


Excited I drove to the village and the Reverend G.E. Ward opened the Church and there was still some Parish registers in the church. Incredibly I found the Marriage certificate of my Great Great Grandad, Thomas Parker (b1843) and his wife Sarah West (b1846).


On their marriage certificate, Thomas Parker is shown as a labourer and Sarah "with her parents" father is John (occ. Baker) and her father William West (occ. Sawyer). One little bit of interest, the two witnesses were George Smith (wasn't there a family of Smiths there around that time - 1841?., and the other was Elizabeth Perkins who, from the date would be a part of the family that contacted you, Bernard Perkins from Leamington Spa.


Thomas's father my Great Great Great Grandad was the baker John Parker named on your website and shown on the 1841 Census in King Street, and I noted it down from the records at Delapre Abbey as between Chamberlain's Grocers and John Spriggs Shoemaker.


Trying to get further back has been more difficult, and it would appear that John Parker who was living there at the time with his wife Ann, and their daughter Emma (13). John would have been born around 1789. I shall be studying the website in more detail at every possible occasion, and it is wonderful to be able to see the places and names in my own front room after searching for so long Thank you so much.


I have been on The Big Quiz on the Steve Wright Show on radio 2 today talking about family history. Little did I know then that I would find your marvellous website. If anyone knows of the Parker's please let me know.


John Thomas Parker had a brother and sister Charles William (bap 1846) and Sarah Ann (bap 1849). I think the brother followed him to Silverdale in Staffordshire where they found work in the local colliery. Many descendants still live here.


Please do get in touch if you can help in any way, I am fascinated by everything Cottingham....


Thank you again


David Parker


13 May, 2004


Hi David,


The information about the witnesses is really interesting. There were Smiths living in Middleton on the 1841 Census, but no George. There is an Elizabeth Perkins listed on this Census - she was 15 at the time, so this could have been her! I've passed your details on to Bernard Perkins to see if he can make the connection.


Thanks so much for getting in touch.





1 June, 2004


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