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Hi Jane,


My name is Eileen Watts (nee Jackson). I was born in Cottingham and lived there until I married in 1967. My mother lived there for most of her life. my father was a scout master along with Mr Porter and I have a lovely photo of the group. I am not sure when it was taken but my father died in 1961 so obviously it was some time before that. I can name most of the people on the photo. I was also a Guide leader with the 1st Cottingham Guides. Sadly I do not have any photos of that, but I am still guiding 30 odd years on!


I worked for sometime in the post office along with Midge Claypole and my mother worked in the post office on the Corby road for many years. Sshe also helped the village nurse old Nurse Crowson with delivering babies and also the local undertaker, Jack Buswell with laying out!!


Sadly she died last year aged 86. I know your researcher Irene very well she also knew my mum. Your website is great it is so lovely to look back and also to read letters from people. I do visit the village quite often sadly my brother is buried in the churchyard.


If you are interested in my photo you are quite welcome to have a look. Unfortunately I do not have the technology to send it down the line, I have only just got logged on to the 21st century.


Carry on with the good work!


Eileen Watts

Market Harborough

13 November 2004


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