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Just a quick note to express my admiration for an excellent web site - amazing how far afield people write in from.


You may not have known that our back yard at 1a Church Street used to be a public toilet and when we first bought the house about 10yrs back we had to take out insurance, until such time as the public toilet was removed from the land registry, as it was still quite legal for people to use it.


I don't suppose you could use your fine medium to finally put to rest the issue of what was our house prior to it being built or what was there prior to it being built. The stories vary from being an old barn used for storing beer barrels from the Spread to nothing more than an enclosure with a wall about two foot high. My favourite story although probably exaggerated is that the building was won in a game of cards in the Spread and consequently developed. I believe that it was a gentleman by the name of Chris Taylor who was the benefactor of lady luck, I couldn't possibly comment on whether the builders spent most of their time across the road in 'planning meetings' although many aspects of the build would indicate some very strange design details!


Best Regards



1a Church Street, Cottingham

26 July 2005



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