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My grandfather Harry Oliver, according to the UK 1901 census, was 12 years of age at the time that the census was taken....the census data indicates that he was born in Northants Cottingham....he emmigrated to Windsor Ontario Canada about 1910....joined the Canadian Army in 1915 and was killed during the Battle of the Somme in 1916....


Prior to leaving England he married Eva May Waite of Northants Daventry sometime in 1908/ father William Arthur Oliver was born in 1910 in Long Buckby....he and his mother Eva Oliver (Waite) joined Harry in Windsor sometime in 1912....


Do you have access to any records of the birth of Harry Oliver which would assist me in following the line to his father and mother and possibly a brother....any help that you can provide would be appreciated....


I also found a reference to the "Barrack Yard" which I seem to remember was referred to in the 1901 census as the location where my grandfather lived with his mother and, I believe, a brother John....where on the Cottingham map was the Barrack Yard located with respect to Dag Lane, The Cross and High Street?


Gerry Oliver.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

1 December 2006


Hello Gerry,


Nice to hear from you. I’ve checked the 1901 Census and it shows Harry Oliver living on Pinfold Bank, which was a row of cottages on the right hand corner of Corby Road and Blind Lane it’s marked on the 1887 map as ‘Penfold Bank’.


The 1881 Census shows Sarah living with her husband Solomon in Blind Lane (possibly the same house just differently transcribed!). There is also a Thomas Oliver living nearby who, like Solomon, was born in Drayton, Leicester. Perhaps Solomon’s father?


For reference, Barrack Yard ran North East off Corby Road.


Hope this helps, and good luck with your research.





2 December 2006




Thanks for the quick information has been most helpful particularly the link to Soloman Oliver and potentially his father Thomas...I didn't realize that my grandfather had so many have been a great help. Maybe someday we can get to Cottingham and look around




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