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I found your website quite by accident a week ago. Since then, I’ve spent every spare moment combing through all the pages of information and photographs – and doing more research on my family history.


You’ve done a wonderful job collecting all this information – I’m really very impressed. I found my maternal grandmother, Ethel Amy Tansley in the picture of schoolchildren from class 3, early 1900s. She’s the second one in from the left on the second row. At first, I thought there must be a mistake, since there’s a second Ethel Tansley in the third row – but according to the 1901 census there was also an Ethel L Tansley, daughter of Benjamin and Harriet – and they were both born in 1898.


Of my grandmother’s siblings, I only have recollection of my great aunts Mabel and Lil (who I now know to be Edith L Tansley, the youngest person in the village in 1901) – but I do have photographs of Ethel, “Lily” and “Harry” (in army uniform) when they were young adults. I also have a picture that I think was my grandmother’s mother, and while there’s nothing on the photograph to provide any documentation, I assume this is indeed Naomi Tansley, wife of George, my great-grandfather. I also found my uncle Peter (Peter O’Keefe) on the “leisure” page – I’m not sure what the cups are either, but I’ll let you know if I can figure it out. If I find any information I think you might be interested in, I’ll pass it along.


Glyn Banks,

Massachusetts, USA

18 March, 2006


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