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I have just spent the last half an hour browsing the website and found it most delightful and informative.


We moved to Cottingham last year so are fairly new to the immediate area and to read and learn about Cottingham as it was years ago we find very enjoyable. I do hope you manage to get answers to the few queries you have. As we live in Church Street, the question as to whether this was formerly King Street is of interest to us. We unfortunately do not have any knowledge of Cottingham but hope you get further information to be able to expand the website.


Many thanks.


Judith and Stephen Gregory

Church Street, Cottingham

16 August 2004




Thanks very much for your feedback on the site. Iím pretty sure now that Church Street used to be King Street. The name changed sometime between 1841 and 1871, but Iím not sure exactly when Ė or why!


Iíll keep you posted with updates.








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