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My name is Janet Mary Cannam (nee Payne), whose mother was Edith May Cannam, who married George Eric Jordan Payne in 1937. I changed my name by deed poll to my mother's maiden name, Cannam after my divorce in the early 1990's from my former husband, as the Cannam name has, as far as I know, otherwise died out, as none of my grandfather & grandmother's (James William Cannam & Florence Annie Cannam - nee Craythorne from Gt Easton) sons produced any males to carry on the family name.


To add to the info that my cousin Tom Chisholm has sent, there were four sons and three daughters. The son omitted from his e-mail being George, who married Ruth (same name as his sister) and they had one daughter, Sylvia (now Smith), married to Bill Smith, who lives in Corby. She is the oldest surviving cousin, and would most likely remember far more than the rest of us would, having remained in the area all her life. She isn't, unfortunately, on the internet, but we are in occasional contact by letter.


I have names & dates taken from gravestones in the Cottingham Churchyard going back to the yr 1754. My grandfather, James William Cannam (always called either Bill or Will) always stated that the family originated in Scotland, and the name Cannam may have come about from either a mis-spelling of the more usual Canham, or the writing being unclear. That, so I understand, would have been well before the 1500 or 1600's.


If I can provide any further info such as the gravestone inscriptions, I would be more than happy to do so.




Jan Cannam

5 September 2004


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