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Dear Jane,


Thought you might be interested in this item:- My (late) father in law Fred Sturman was born and bred in Crossbank (now renamed Crossbank House) . He in turn had three elder sisters FLO, MILLIE, & CATH.


Cath married a man from Weldon, Sid Mace. They moved to Solihull then back to Market Harborough when they retired ;she having been a school teacher & he an engineer.


On the reading of her will it was noted that she left a sum of money totalling over eleven thousand pounds to COTTINGHAM Parish Church which they had been church members of. (The money was received by the church in 2003).


I also have account books & a cheque book from the days when Crossbank was a smallholding.


Best wishes .


Janet Sturman


March 22, 2004



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