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Hi Jane,

I am rather hoping that your website is still running since no-one has posted anything since 2005 it seems; would be a shame if it wasn't because it's one of the best village websites I have come across so far!
I am trying to de-bunk a family myth. One of my Great Grannies was Mary Ella Panter Vickers, born in Cottingham c1895. According to my Gran, her mother was one of two sisters who seemed to have lived a slightly more comfortable lifestyle than their background would suggest. The legend has it that she was an illegitimate child of the Earl of Rockingham. She may also have had a sister called Harriet. I also have Tansleys in the family tree. I shall have to visit one day!
Any ideas or village legends that might be of use to me? Or anyone that I could be put in touch with?


Jean Brogdale

23 September 2007



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