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Hi there,


Does the Wallis and Linnell clothing company still exist? I am an author and historian and I have recently interviewed a lady who worked at this factory in 1939 and 1940 when productions was for uniforms for the WAAF.


Your site is very interesting - great work on your part.


Best wishes


John Leete

14 March 2007


Hello John,


Iím pretty sure Wallis and Linnell donít exist any more. Interestingly though, I had a quick scour on the internet and came across an advert for a W&L suit from a vintage clothing store. Wonder where it was made!  


Did the lady you interviewed work in the Cottingham Factory? If so, Iíd be very interested in putting the information up on the Cottingham History website, with a credit to you of course.


All the best, 



15 March 2007


Hi Jane


Thanks for that. I will email you later, a transcript of my interview with her although of course this is copyright and must not be reproduced other than on your web site. Yes, Win did work in the Cottingham factory before joining the fire service.


Very best wishes,





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