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Dear Jane,


I have just come across an article from the Evening Telegraph of July 30 2005 which I had intended to respond to much sooner!


Ardith and Peter Tureski were looking for their Tilley ancestry at Cottingham. My Tilley connections go back through Stanion until my Great Great Great Grandfather John Tilley who ( according to the 1851 census) was born in Rothwell, Northants about 1789. His father was William according to the record of John's second marriage to an Anne Patrick in Geddington. I have not found a baptismal record for John nor have I found a good candidate family although I have found several Williams of about the right era including a family from Great Oakley. I have seen in Parish records Tilleys in Cottingham but have not connected to them.


If you could pass on my email or let me have Ardith and Peter's email address I would be grateful,


Thank you and best wishes,


John Tilley

28 August 2006


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