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Dear Jane


I have just come across your web site and found it fascinating. I started doing some family research into my mum's family recently as she was a Tansley and I have visited Cottingham a couple of times. I had no idea it was such a big family. My great granddad James Tansley is buried in the churchyard at St Mary Magdalene with his wife Alice. She died in 1875 and he in 1926.They were married in the church on the 25 Dec 1856 by the reverend Clayton. They both signed the marriage certificate with a cross as did the witnesses I imagine they were quite a poor family and as far as I know were farm labourers. They went on to have 6 children as far as i know and my mum was the daughter of their son Nathan who was 3 years old at the time of the 1871 census. I don't know when Nathan as an adult moved to Leicester but that's were my mum and her brothers and sisters were born.


I notice on your letters page a gentleman from Gateshead mentioned his grandma a Harriet Tansley born in Cottingham. I have a Harriet Tansley granddaughter present at the death of my great granddad James on the 29th August 1926. Coincidence?.


When is a good time to be able to see inside the church? I would love to see where our great grandparents were married.


Yours Sincerely


Mrs  L A Wright

29 September, 2005


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