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I wonder whether you would be interested in a document from Cottingham -cum-Middleton and East Carlton.


It belonged to my neighbour in Ealing who moved with my family to Hampshire in 1972. Her name was Lilian Sturman. She was the younger daughter of Mr and Mrs John H Chamberlain, and she died in 1973. I believe Mr Chamberlain may have been a pharmacist or something similar. Lilian Sturman certainly had an elder sister named Hilda who married, went to India to live, and had two sons, the elder of whom died in the last war.


The document is displayed in a picture frame. It is hand-written in a very neat script and says: We, the undersigned members of the Parishes of Cottingham-cum-Middleton and East Carlton, desire your acceptance of the gift which accompanies this letter as a token of our appreciation of your many services rendered to the Parishes during your long residence amongst us. With our best wishes for your future happiness, We are, Yours faithfully,....... and lists the following names: Adams, Adcock, Attenborough, Badger, Beecroft, Berry, Binley, Bottrill, Bradshaw, Brawston, Bull, Burgess, Buswell, Cannam (I think), Carter, Claypole, Coles, Cooper, Dexter, Farrall, Firth, Foster, Greenaway, Hogan, Hobbs, Horsley, Jarman, Jarvis, Jeffery, Johnson, Jones, Lines, Maydwell, Oliver, Panter, Peach, Perkins, Philpot, Plaskett, Reynolds, Robinson, Rubie, Sharp, Shrive, Simpson, Spriggs, Stanger, Stapleton, Tansley, Tilley, Jones. Both Robinson and Rubie are Reverends.


If you would like to see this document I would be happy to send it to you. It would be interesting to know whether, despite two world wars, any of the names are still extant in your parish.


Margaret Banning

16 June, 2005



Hello Margaret,


This is really exciting and I would love to have the letter you’re referring to on behalf of the village. Three successive generations of John Chamberlains owned the local grocer’s shop and post office in Church Street for many, many years. John Henry Chamberlain was the third in line and was one of the village ‘copyholders’.


Many of the family names mentioned in the letter are still around in the village today – particularly Sturmans, Tilleys, Tansleys, Claypoles, Perkins and Bradshaws. I’m sure they’d all love to see the letter.


Thanks so much for getting in touch.



16 June 2005



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