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Hi Jane,


I have greatly enjoyed exploring your Cottingham history site. I found it very informative and easy to use.


I am exploring my family history and an particularly interested in Wilbarston as that is where my great g. mother was born and her parents too.


On the 1551 and 1861 censuses my ggmother is described as a lace runner. Presumably there was a lacemaking 'school' in Wilbarston around that time and I wonder whether you have any info about it and also about the Wilbarston riot you mention in your site.


Apparently my male ancestors were agricultural workers so I'm sure that much that you write about in your website is relevant to them.


Yours sincerely,


Marie Beck

21 November, 2004


Hello Marie,


I don't know much about Wilbarston I'm afraid. If you can get hold of Peter Hill's books 'Rockingham Forest Now and Then' and 'Rockingham Forest Revisited' (see the 'sources and links' page on my site) both have a section on Wilbarston. This is where I got the information about the Enclosure Riots from.


The books are unfortunately out of print but, if you're local, they're available at Corby and Market Harborough libraries.


Good luck with your family history search.




Jane Smith

23 November, 2004





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