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Hello Jane


Your history about Cottingham is very interesting. I lived in Cottingham from 1954 to 1966 in the house which is now next to the Spread Eagle. Previously there was another house next to us which has been demolished . On the other side of us was the Cranes service station.


Went to Cottingham School and have fond memories of  Mr Kisby. On the front of our house were the initials ING who I believe was a tailor named INGRAM and the house was previously a shop. Mr Kisby told me this.


Hello Colin also hello to Audrey Coles from the shop all on High Street. My aunt also lived in the house next to the Co-Op (Mrs Panter). My uncle was Eddy Panter - pretty sure he was born in Cottingham.


Thanks for your great website.


Michael Feder

Sydney, Australia

March 1, 2004



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