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Hello Jane,


I am researching my family tree at the moment and I was wondering if you had any information on the Cannam Family. I have searched the 1901 census, and am unable to find any reference to them at all.


I have been up to the cemetery in Cottingham and seen that there are several graves with the family name, however I am not to sure whether they originated from Cottingham or Middleton.


My Great Grandfather was Harry Cannam, and his wife was Mary Chapman. They was born in 1882 and 1883. If you have any information, I would be very grateful.


Kind Regards


Nicola Paterson

27 May, 2004


Hi Nicola,


Lovely to hear from you.


The Cannam family lived in Middleton. I only have Census information for Middleton from 1841, but there are some Cannams on there. There are also two Cannams listed on the 1777 Militia List and several mentioned in the will extracts on Maureen Bryson's website


I'll see if I can find out any more information for you.





1 June, 2004 


Hi Jane,


Thank you so much for this information, it is really appreciated. I will now be able to use these extracts to trace my family further. Hopefully speak to you again soon.





2 June, 2004

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