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Dear Jane,

First of all, congratulations on such a splendid website. I have just spent a very happy couple of hours browsing your site and have discovered all sorts of interesting things I didn't know before.

I am descended from the Aldwinckle family that lived in Cottingham and Middleton, the first family listed on your Family histories page. You mention that if anyone buys a will from the PRO's documents online database you would be interested in having a look, so I attach the will of John Aldwinckle of Cottingham, which is dated 1st February 1709. Unfortunately, other than saying he leaves his worldly goods to his wife Elizabeth, it doesn't tell you a lot. I was also interested to see from your site that William Aldwinckle crops up in the Middleton Militia list in 1777. He must be my great, great, great, great grandfather who was baptised on 12 October 1733 and died 9 December 1818.

I see from the Family histories page that 'reference has been found to a Thomas Alwinkle as far back as 1600'. The aforementioned William Aldwinckle appears to be the son of another William Aldwinckle, who was married to Elizabeth, but about whom I have no other information. This William must have been born around the time the John Aldwinckle whose will is attached died. If you or any of your site devotees are able to shed any light on any Aldwinckles between the Thomas Alwinkle you mention of 1600 and the William Aldwinckle of 1733-1818, I should be most interested and grateful.


With best wishes,

Richard Aldwinckle (1952-)!

20 June 2004

Hello Richard,

Lovely to hear from you - and thanks for your feedback on the site. Aldwinckles have been cropping up all the time as I've put the site together, so it's fascinating to actually hear from one!

I can't for the life of me remember where I found the 1600 reference to Thomas Alwinkle, and now can't find it on an internet search I'm afraid. However, there was a Thomas Aldwinkle around in the 1690s as a witness to a will listed on Maureen Bryson's excellent site. Here's a link

There is a William Aldwinkle mentioned on this page too (1795), grandson of Robert Humphrey, a Middleton farner.

All the very best,





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