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I just found your web site on the internet. I am the grandson of Vera Tansley who is descended from John Tansley who emigrated from Cottingham in 1828.


I am from Hamilton, Ontario. Although I was raised in the U.S., my grandmother's family has been living in this part of the world since early in the 1800s when it was wilderness. The first Tansleys arrived in the general area in 1828. John Tansley was born in Cottingham on 25 Dec 1784. One of the Tansley researchers dug out a baptismal certifate from January 1785 but I can't tell you the exact details because they are in a library not far from here.


John married Esther Setchel who was also from Northamptonshire and with a young family migrated first to York (now Toronto) Ontario and shortly thereafter to Flamborough, a township not far from where I now live. John's son Samuel settled in Carlisle, East Flamborough and raised a large family. Some of his descendants are still in the area.


Another son Thomas moved to Burford in Brant County about 40 km from Carlisle. Thomas also had a very large family. My grandmother was his granddaughter. Donald Tansley, a grandson of John Wesley Tansley, one of Thomas Tansley of Burford's sons, recently sent me a descendancy chart that takes my Tansley line in the UK back to the late 1600s. It was apparently assembled by an Alfred Tansley who is resident in the UK. I don't yet have his contact info though. I need to get in touch with Donald about that.


According to the info provided (but I don't know how accurate it is) here is the direct descent:


John Tansley (b. abt 1685) married Elizabeth Jackson

Thomas Tansley (b Collyweston, Northamptonshire in 1706 or 1707) married Bridget Andrews

William Tansley (b. 1732/33 Collyweston, Northampshire) married Amy Bronit

John Tansley (b 11 Mar 1759, Gretton, Northumberland) married Mary Nutt

John Tansley (b 25 Dec 1784, Cottingham, Northamptonshire) married Esther Setchel.


It appears that this Tansley family drifted southwest over the years.


I would be very interested in finding out whatever information you might have on the Cottingham Tansleys. I like your web page very much.




Roy Adams

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

21 November 2003


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