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Have recently come across your site which I found especially interesting as some of my ancestors originate from Cottingham. My 2xgt grandfather Frederick Edward Vickers was born there in 1859, his parents were Samuel Vickers and Ann Loveday who married there in 1853. Both died in 1902 and are buried at St.Mary Magdalene. On the 1881 census the family were living at Sir.W Brookes cottage (late Norman Lodge), does this still stand. Frederick moved to Hucknall, Notts in the late 1870's where he married and that's where my father was born.


Do you know of any Vickers families in the area? The spelling varies from generation to generation.




Susan Severn (nee Vickers)

20 September 2004


Hello Susan,


Lovely to hear from you. Iíll pop your message on the site, and maybe someone will know more about Sir W Brookes cottage/Norman Lodge. Not one Iíve heard of. Do you know whereabouts it was?


I attach a spreadsheet showing the Vickersí that were in the village in 1841 and 1901. I canít actually find any on the 1881 Census though, which is strange if you say you have them listed. Do you have a copy of the Census return you have taken the info from? It may help to clear up the mystery!


All the very best,





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