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Dear Jane


I've just been looking at your Cottingham website. What a brilliant job you have made of it. Congratulations.


I was surprised to find that my family CANNAM is nor listed along with the other old Cottingham families. I know that no-one of that name lives in the village these days and that that branch of the the family died out with my generation. The CANNAM name goes back many centuries to the time when the village church was being built. Lots of CANNAM names are to be found in the church records of births, marriages and deaths both in the church and in records stored elsewhere. Although weather damaged, there are old grave stones still to be seen in the churchyard.


I was born in COTTINGHAM and lived in the village until I married in 1958. I lived in Church Street, two doors away from my grandfather who had a smallholding with a paddock which now has modern houses built on it.. He lived most of his life in Cottingham although he was born in Middleton.


CANNAM HOUSE in Middleton once belonged to the family,but through marriage passed to the BURGESS family of East Carlton. CANNAM CLOSE in Middleton is named after my grandfather as he used to farm the land where the present housing now is. My father GEORGE CANNAM was one of seven children, four sons and three daughters. George was to only one of the sons to have a child, so with me being a girl, the name died out when I married.


I attended the village school until I was eleven when I went to school in Kettering. I travelled on the bus every day with Rosemary Kisby whose father was headmaster at Cottingham School. I often revisit the village and recall the names of all the people who lived in the houses. It's alarming that now I'm as old, if not older, than the 'old' people I remember as a child.


If I can supply you with any information about those days, please let me know. I would be delighted to trawl back in time.




Sylvia Ruth Cannam

25 May 2008


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