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If you could tell me anything about Alston Kisby It would be a great help. I have just purchased an unpublished book written by him about the 19th century gothic novelist Charles Robert Maturin.


Terrance Linn

Washington, USA

2 February, 2006



Hello Terrance,


Thereís a bit of information about Allston Kisby on the website. He was headteacher at the village school in 1940s and much loved by everyone. Thereís also a picture of him as an ARP warden.


Where did you come across this unpublished book then? Itís really interesting, and any more information you could give me on this would be greatly appreciated.





2 February, 2006



Dear Jane,


Thanks for your help. I have not received the book yet but I purchased it through advanced book exchange from a bookdealer in Scotland. The book is described as a typewritten bound biography of Charles Robert Maturin, a now little remembered Irish writer who died in 1825 and fell quickly from notice. His only book that remains in print is Melmoth the Wanderer. It would take an interesting person, one who has his own likes and dislikes to trouble to tackle a subject so difficult with so little chance of publishing. When I receive the book I will let you know a bit more about it if you like.


Again, many thanks.




Terrance Linn

2 February, 2006


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