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I've watched your website grow with great interest and feel I may have a few pictures to contribute.


I was brought up in the village in the sixties, went to the village school when it was in school lane and eventually left in 1985 and have lived in Maidstone, Kent for nearly 10 years, but I still maintain an interest in the old place as my parents still live in Bancroft road.


I enjoy reading the info you've collected.


The new picture you've got showing the old 'one up and one down' cottages were situated on the Corby Road. They were on the left as you go out of the village, just past the junction with Blind lane and have been replaced with a grass bank that rises up to the Millfield estate. I can remember George Smith used to use one of them in the 60's for his furniture restoration business.


Keep up the good work.


All the best


Tim Davies

Maidstone, Kent

20 July 2004


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