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I was introduced to your web site on Cottingham recently.


I found Nicola Patterson is seeking information on Cannam.


Well my mother was Ruth Cannam and she and the rest of the family lived in Church Street Cottingham. Unfortunately she died at an early age and as a result I went to live with the Cannams in Church Street. I lived there off and on for about 15 years mainly being looked after by my mother's sister Winifred Cannam. Win moved to the bungalows at the Middleton Cottingham boundary in later life. She was the last surviving Cannam in Cottingham after (she claimed) hundreds of years.


I could go on for hours ........ perhaps you would like to inform me of what info you would be interested in. I will just list names of the family for now.


Grandad - James William Cannam - in the church yard

Grandma - Florence Gertrude - in the church yard



Sidney - Married Gladys Panter and moved to Northampton, no children.

Stan - Married Florrie Sitch and moved to Corby. Daughter Daphne and her family live there.

Ernie - Married Edwina and moved to Weldon. Daughter Janice ?



Ruth - Married Harry Chisholm and moved to Corby. 4 sons Harry (dec.), Billy (dec.), John and Tom (me). We no longer live in Corby.

Edie -- Married George Pane and moved to Corby. 2 sons Eric (dec.) and Kenny and a daughter Janet.

Winifred - Married very late in life to George MacPetrie. Remained in Cottingham until she died. No children .


None of the 1st and 2nd generation are alive. Some of the 3rd have also died as indicated. The Grandfather's parents are also in the churchyard.


Incidentally Grandfather James William's cousin was Henry Claypole who lived next door to us in Church Street. His twin sons Ron and Reg had families in the village. Ron's son Nicky was a young playmate of mine. But that is all another long thread we wont follow just yet.


Hope you find this interesting.

Bye for now


Tom Chisholm

4 September 2004



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