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Dear Jane

Like others of your recent correspondents I came across your excellent web site while researching my mother's family. It is a beautifully prepared and most enjoyable site. It almost sounds churlish to carp given that it is such an enjoyable site but under the section entitled Census you comment as though you have transcribed the 1901 and 1841 Census data but the links on the left only take you up and down the page - did I miss something (I do of course appreciate that there is an excellent 1901 Census site available)? 

My maternal grandfather, Henry Cecil Cross, was born in Cottingham around 1872/3. In the 1881 Census he is shown as living with his parents and brothers in Blind Lane although no number is given. His father was William Cross, described as a "grocer and coachman" who was born in Harbury, Warwicks. His mother was Amelia who was born in Husbands Bosworth and was a "laundress". He had an older brother Edgar and a younger one Edwin. 

By 1901 William and Amelia were 73 and 66 and they are listed as living at The Cross. William was described as a gardener by then but whether he earned a living as such at such an age is hard to know. 

Henry went to Culham College, Oxford to train as a teacher. Quite how the family could afford this amazes me. After qualifying he went on to teach in schools in Leicester, marrying twice - his first wife dying in childbirth and the second being my grandmother, also a teacher. He eventually became a head teacher. He was also a talented photographer and won prizes for this hobby. Unfortunately I hardly knew him as he died suddenly when I was very young. 

My research is in its infancy with most of my current efforts tending towards my father's line but I do intend to follow the Cross line back at some stage. So if any of your contacts can add to my history I would be delighted. In the meantime keep up the excellent work. 

When I visit Cottingham your site will have helped to bring the village to life for me. Thank you. 

Tony Vines

25 September, 2003

Hi Tony


Thanks for your message. No, you didn't miss anything! I have transcribed the Censuses for 1901 and 1841 into Excel format, but they aren't available in full on-line as yet - I have just used the information for the population, occupation pages etc. I've had a look for you though, and there aren't any Crosses on the 1841 Census. 


There was only one house (accommodating two dwellings) on 'The Cross' in 1901. There's a picture of this house on the site. Have a look under 'Streets and Houses/Corby Road'. This house isn't there any more, but our house is right behind where it used to stand. 


All the very best with your research


Jane Smith

26 September, 2003


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