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I hope you can help me trace some people or maybe give some more info. My mother Joyce Lee was an evacuee in the 2nd world war she was sent to Cottingham and stayed with a family with the surname Redsure .


My mother has now passed away but she stayed in contact with these people for many years and we went to visit and stay with them until they died at around the time of 1975 or maybe before. Mr and Mrs Redsure were my godparents.


I'm now 39 and would love to know of anyone who remembers my mum or me or anybody still related to them. I remember playing with a girl who was my age who lived near the windmill and we used to go to play there before it was as it is now.


I hope you can maybe just give me some info on the war children that were sent to live in Cottingham.


Tracey Thomas

1 November, 2005


Hello Tracey,


There’s a bit of information about evacuees on the website provided by David Dodd – Ronnie Witt is mentioned (he now lives in Kettering) and also Harry Farey. I had an email from Harry’s cousin who says Harry is now 74, alive and well and still tap dancing at weddings!





3 November, 2005



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