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Hello Jane,

My name is Vanda Culpepper (nee) Ashby one of the twins. I lived in Cottingham up until I married in 1969. My Mum and family are still there. I do come home often. Mum's house sits on Rockingham Road overlooking the Welland Valley. What a brilliant view. And on a pretty day you can see all the Church steeples in the other villages.

I have so many fond memories of growing up. From playing little houses in the spinneys to dance lessons in the old rectory with Mrs. Mole as our instructor. Sledding up the dale. Riding ponies. And a member of the church choir.


We will always have memory lane. Thanks to your website. You are doing a brilliant job keep up the good work.

Vanda Culpepper
Corpus Christi, Texas
30 September 2007


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