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Hello Jane,


My mother, Margery Haseler, has been trying to get information about her mother's side of the family. Her mother was born in Cottingham as was her grandmother.


The 1901 census tells me : KATHERINE M DUNKLEY was born in Cottingham in 1850 ( I don't know her maiden name). She was married to JOHN THOMAS DUNKLEY born in Grimscote in 1844 They lived at 22 Middleton Hill Cottingham and had a daughter there called SARAH A.DUNKLEY born 1880 in Cottingham (she was my mother's mother, died of cancer in 1933/4) then possibly the family moved to Middleton where they had five more children: MABEL E.DUNKLEY born 1884 JOHN A.DUNKLEY born 1886 SYDNEY J. DUNKLEY born 1889 HENRY R. born 1891 EVELYN M. born 1894


I believe they went to school at the Cottingham cum Middleton School and Katherine and John would have married in Cottingham. Has anyone else ever mentioned these names or does Middleton Hill still exist? Would there be any records kept in the town regarding them whatsoever/gravestones/their parents?


I am also very excited as I have looked through some of the on the site and there is a ? Dunkley on one. I think this must be my mother's youngest aunt Evelyn Dunkley who was born in 1894. Evelyn was the youngest of six siblings and my mother's mother Sarah was born in 1880 and too old to be in these photos as she was a dressmaker when she left school. She had 3 brothers John (born 1886),Sydney (born 1889) and Henry(born 1891 and a sister Mabel (born 1884) . The boys may well have been in the other photos but no names are given with them.


We have no photos of my motherís family whatsoever (apart from Evelyn and Mabel in their older years) and none of her mother whatsoever( my mother's mother Sarah Dunkley died when only 53 or 54) and no wedding photos (she married Alfred Bull in Cottingham).


I told my sister about your fascinating site yesterday and she accessed it and saw our great uncle Harry's name on the 1st WW memorial HARRY DUNKLEY. She also said that the Tilley family were relations, possibly it was the maiden name of my grandmother (SARAH DUNKLEY born Cottingham 1880)'s mother KATHERINE M  DUNKLEY (Born Cottingham 1850)?  I will try and confirm that.


Thank you so much for this great site. My dad died in April and this information means such a lot to my mother.


Vanessa Fretwell

Walton on Thames, Surrey

5 September 2005


Hello Vanessa,


Thanks so much for your message Ė itís lovely to hear from people who can trace their histories back to the village.


With regards to the school picture, Iíll add Evelynís name in next time I update.


Middleton Hill still exists in the neighbouring village of Middleton. As far as I know, thereís never been a Middleton Hill in Cottingham. However, in 1901, Middleton was a township within the parish of Cottingham (which is why Middleton Hill was listed as being in Cottingham). Cottingham and Middleton have since become separate parishes.





7 September, 2005


Hello Jane


I have since found out that my grandparents (Sarah Bull (nee Dunkley) and Alfred Bull) married in Cottingham or Middleton on 5th Nov/Dec 1904. Their first child was born in 1906 was called Alfreda but she died aged five (of measles I believe) and she was buried in Cottingham in 1911. My late uncle, my mum's elder brother remembered coming to visit her grave a year after her death in 1912 when he was three. My mother was born on 4/10/1920. Also, that my great grandmother, Sarah Dunkley's mother, was called (Mary or Sarah?) Robinson and she married a Henry Tilley who was a coach driver and used to drive the mail coach down to London. My mother has been searching through letters that my uncle sent her a long time ago.


I think it is all fascinating. My mother is getting very excited that some information may be accessible after all.


Thank you so much.





9 September 2005



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