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Cottingham cum Middleton School

Class 1, Early 1900s

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Louie Botterill ? Dunkley Sam Claypole Mabel Tansley Elsie Bell ? Louie Spriggs Tom Darnell Edith Vickers Jessie Binley ? Spennie Reynolds Fred Lines Harry Fisher Arthur Inchley Harry Foster Percy Chamberlain Ida Beecroft Thomas Beecroft (Headmaster) Chrissie Shrive ? Read Annie Bamford Ethel Binley Lily Chamberlain Winnie Chamberlain Annie Spriggs Harry Beecroft Jim Tansley Sid Binley Gordon Shrives Neville Chamberlain Dorothy Reynolds Irene Coles Lily Bush

Back row (l to r): Louie Botterill, Evelyn Dunkley, Sam Claypole, Mabel Tansley, Elsie Bell, ?, Louie Spriggs

Third row (l to r): Edith Vickers (with violin), Jessie Binley, Tom Darnell, ?, Spennie Reynolds, Fred Lines, Harry Fisher, Arthur Inchley, Harry Foster, Percy Chamberlain, Ida Beecroft, Thomas Beecroft (Headmaster)

Second row (l to r): Chrissie Shrive, ? Read, Annie Bamford, Ethel Binley, Lily Chamberlain, Winnie Chamberlain, Annie Spriggs, Irene Coles, Harry Beecroft

Front row (l to r): Jim Tansley, Sid Binley, Gordon Shrives, Neville Chamberlain, Dorothy Reynolds, Lily Bush

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