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The Spread Eagle


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Spread Eagle

and Landlord's House




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The New Spread Eagle,

late 1960s

New Spread Eagle, from Rockingham Road

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The Spread Eagle was originally a thatched cottage and has been around since at least 1854.



1841 Census - Mary Scroxton *

1854 Post Office Directory  - Peake Reynolds

1876 Harrod & Co Directory - P Reynolds

1881 Census - Samuel and Betsey Reynolds

1890 Kelly's Directory - Peake Reynolds

1901 Census - Samuel George Eaton *

1903 Kelly's Directory - John Patrick

1906 Kelly's Directory - John Patrick

1914 Kelly's Directory - James Slanger (or Stanger)



In the 1950s, the landlord and his family lused to live in the house you can see to the left of the pub on the picture top centre.. 


Former villager Ann Giles, who was born in the cottage next to the pub, recalls: "It was a lovely, cosy little pub with small rooms. I remember the village football team used to change in a room at the back and had to run down the street to play matches. In those days you went upstairs to the skittle room and if they threw the cheeses too hard they used to fly out of the window and we children would get them and throw them back up." (Information from a press clipping in Corby Library Archives).


The current Spread Eagle was built in the 1960s behind the original pub, which was subsequently demolished. 

* Pubs listed in the relevant locations, but only street names given (not pub names), so we can't be 100% certain.

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