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Having my mind in neutral this evening I punched in Cottingham - Coles and was delighted to find your site, which is a credit to you.


My family my mothers side were the Coles. On September the 3rd 1939, the day after my eleventh birthday, I listened to Neville Chamberlain declare war in the front room of what was the Three Horse Shoes which one of several homes of Coleses in the village.


I could not find reference to the Coles Garage on the cross roads on the Road to Corby, (dismantled in 1940) or to Mr.Porter who was Headmaster at the school in 1939.


We went to Cottingham regularly before and during the war and my times there are indelible in my mind. Among the family members were Doris & Vere Coles of the Old Three Horseshoes, Sid and May Coles - The Bungalow on the corner of Middleton Rd and Great Easton Road, Arthur Coles & Family Rockingham Road, Frank and Annie Coles, Barrack Yard.


I recollect a modern pub in Middleton. The landlord was Graham Moffitt who starred with Will Hay in many pre-war films. I have a family & friends function photo taken in 1949 with many Cottingham inhabitants of the time.


Best Regards


Geoff Gough

10 November 2004


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