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The Three Horseshoes was located at No.9 High Street, the last cottage on the left before you reach the Hunting Lodge, and is the only pub shown in the 1887 OS map. We know that the pub operated from at least 1854 until the early 1900s.

If you look carefully at the 1910 picture of the Spread Eagle above, you can see the Three Horseshoes pub sign in the middle distance. The pub is not listed in the 1914 Kelly's Directory, so we can assume that it had closed by then.



1841 Census - John Claypole *

1854 Post Office Directory - Thomas Spriggs

1870s Kelly's Directory - Thomas Craxford

1876 Harrod & Co Directory - T Craxford

1881 Census - Thomas and Susan Craxford

1890 Kelly's Directory - Thomas Craxford

1901 Census - George Newhead *

1903 Kelly's Directory - James Tilley

1906 Kelly's Directory - John Coles


The left hand part of this building later became a grocers/sweet shop (marked with a red cross on the middle picture above) run by Vere Coles, who I presume was a descendant of the last landlord, John Coles. The building is now a private house. 


* Pub listed in the relevant location, but only street name given (not pub name), so we can't be 100% certain.


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