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Hi Jane,


I have just looked through your website for the first time and I am really impressed. My father was born in Cottingham in 1911 but the family moved away in 1925 after the death of my grandmother, Harriett Davenport. She died of TB, a letter from her has survived, it makes quite painful reading.


I was pleased to see the picture of the High Street featured as the the little dark person in the picture is my aunt Florence Davenport. If you are interested I have a number of old school class photographs taken around 1916-1924 which I could copy. Headmaster of the school at that time was Henry Belshaw. His nickname was "Tubby" Belshaw according to my father. I would be happy to e-mail them to you if you are interested.


I would also like to visit St Mary's church and locate my grandmother's grave but on the odd occasion that I have visited the village the church has been closed, can you help?


I look forward to your reply.




Jim Davenport


1 June, 2006


Hello Jim,


Lovely to hear from you. I’d love to include your school pics on the site. Henry Belshaw is a name I’ve not come across before, so this is really interesting.


With regard to the Church, it is usually locked, but if you call one of the people below when you’re planning to visit, they’ll open up the Church for you.


Ann Sturman 01536 771343

Ruth Colby 01536 770178

Mary Freestone 01536 771339





3 June 2006




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