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The old chip shop, Corby Road


fish and chips!


You've probably heard lots of villagers talk with fondness about the chip shop which was run out of the old bakery in front of 3 Corby Road in the 1950s. The shop opened two or three times a week, and was run by Rose Smith who owned the haberdashery shop on the opposite side of the road.  


It certainly wasn't a chippy as you'd know one today though - no stainless steel surfaces, no tiles, no fly extractors! Chips were cooked in lard, with mushy peas on offer served from a galvanised bucket. Story has it that the bags of chips were so huge that you couldn't eat them all - and they only cost a shilling a bag! 


There also used to be a fish and chip shop on Rockingham Road, last cottage on the right as you head out of the village.

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Fish and chips



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