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From 1914 until 1978, there was a shop at No.9 High Street - the last remaining cottage before the turning for the Hunting Lodge. This was previously a pub


On the picture below left, the shop was in the cottage marked with a red dot. Most people remember this shop being run by Vere and Doris (or "Doss") Coles. Although local's affectionately refer the the shop as 'Mrs Coles' Sweet Shop', I am reliably informed that, at least in the 1970s, it was more of a general store with all sorts of things on sale from garden seeds to bicycle repair kits.


The 1881 Census lists two grocer's shops on High Street - run by Henry Damms and Edward Spriggs. Don't know if either were in the same location though!

Location of High Street store

         Coles Store, 1978

General stores, Co-Op, haberdashery - Corby Road

General store/post office - Church Street

General store/sweet shop - High Street

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